The new Bachmann Comic

Michelle Bachmann lampooned. This should be done to every anti-gay politician out there. I’ve linked the front page to the “Stop your Gayness” issue.

False Witness! The Michelle Bachmann Story
False Witness! The Michelle Bachmann Story

I note a common theme that emerges from the mouth of Bachmann and her Christian fundamentalist handlers. It’s all about the children. They are terrified that their children will accept being LGBT as a normal part of the human experience. It’s already happening and it scares the shit out of them.

I think they know that the fight against full equality is a losing proposition. Full equality includes employment, housing and credit non-discrimination and marriage equality. The hell of it is that if you just had the latter the others would flow through easily.

And the best way to counter the arguments of the bigots is ridicule and this comic series on Bachmann does that in spades.

2 thoughts on “The new Bachmann Comic

  1. I think “False Witness”, and verbally bashing gays is the new hobby that the christianisas have taken up, like scrap-booking but with a vengence. It’s the “in” thing for the 10’s, especially in religions that frown on drinking, smoking and dancing. It is so much more civilized.

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