PEAC Demonstration against the FRC Event in RI

The Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage decided to hold a little dog and pony anti-gay gathering at the Ocean State Baptist Church.

Ocean State Baptist Church
Ocean State Baptist Church

Note the sign – “Seek Me and you shall find Me”. Yeah, right. Keep dreamin’. And we at the Providence Equality Action Committee decided to be there.

Anyhow we had a tad under 30 people at this protest with participation from the community at Rhode Island College as well as many others. This was actually one of PEAC’s more populous events.

The standard chants were uttered, the signs held up.

Holding the signs
Holding the signs

Had a ProJo writer and photographer there as well as a photographer from Rhode Island College’s student newspaper.

And who showed up and went up to the ProJo writer but my favorite (If you read this blog you know I’m being sarcastic) person Susan Heroux. But our man Josh Kilby ran interference on that one. I note ProJo coverage only had this to say about Queer Action Rhode Island:

(A second wave of protesters, under the umbrella of Queer Action and the Rhode Island National Organization for Women, took over later in the day).

Didn’t even quote Heroux at all. I think the balance is finally starting to tip.

About a half hour into the demonstration a Smithfield, RI cop decided to hassle us a bit.

Smithfield PD
Smithfield PD Shows Up

Ok, rant time. The entire state of RI (With the exception of the major departments like Providence) is on a uniform charging system. In other words the laws and charges are all the same.

One of the cops (I believe it was the 2nd) told us we couldn’t use the megaphone. What? If you look at the pictures we’re really in the middle of nowhere. Who are we going to disturb or distract? Please, the cops were just pulling shit out of their ass like most suburban cops do all the time.

So the Smithfield PD hassled us on three separate occasions. This is why I love urban protest. The cops don’t bother you in fact you probably have a protective police detail. In the suburbs the damned cops have nothing to do so hassling people is their big thing.

We still stuck it out for the full hour and a half though, even when it was snowing. Got many beeps and hand waving from passing motorists. So they’re not all bigots in Smithfield.

Even in the snow
Even in the snow

Always fun to chant yourself hoarse especially when it’s in opposition to the bigotry.

One thought on “PEAC Demonstration against the FRC Event in RI

  1. You’re absolutely right about the cops just hassling you. I was at the church and no one inside could hear the protesters, with or without the bullhorn. It was also delightful to see how nervous the idea of protesters made Cynthia Hill of the Family Research Council Action PAC. She was really worried that the people present might somehow be engaged by the protesters. She warned everyone as they left that there were protesters, but there were also police present for our protection. Outside, the protesters were so nice and so courteous that one of them, not knowing what side of this issue I stood on (I came out of the church, after all) told me to watch out for cars.

    Outside the church was way more dignified and respectful than inside.

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