Trial Summary Evidence filed by Olson & Boies

This is very interesting. It’s a tad under 300 pages but if you want to get to the good stuff skip to page 267. That’s where they demonstrate the evidence necessary to support their claims.

This quote really stretches:

PX0480 at 16:58-17:20 (In a video posted on the American Family
Association’s website entitled “Proposition 8 and the Case for Traditional
Marriage,” a Dr. Melson “can only imagine the confusion with two moms or
two dads. I mean, who do you go to when you need to learn how to change the
oil if you’re a guy? Who is there—I mean, God’s giving, given moms a natural
instinct to mother and love. . . . If you have a boy with two moms, who’s going
to teach him all the dad stuff? Dads have instinctual differences. They do. They
don’t, they, there’s just appropriateness on when to cry, when to be emotional,
when to not—when to stand up, when to be the leader.”).

I know some lesbians that are tough as nails and could probably field strip an engine without issue and then re-assemble it. I know gay men that could whip up a phenomenal feast and keep a perfect home, or vise versa. And guess what, straight people are like this too. My very straight friend hasn’t a mechanical inkling in his body. He wouldn’t know a Philips head screwdriver from a T10 torx bit.

This argument is nothing but pure bovine effluent. And the document is LOADED with crap like this.

Then of course you’ve got Bill Tam claiming that same sex marriage would open the door to legalized prostitution. That one is so far out of whack that it isn’t funny.

If you want to get good and ornery just do like I said, skip to page 267. Of course the rest of the document is loaded with insanity from the opposition.

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