Some points to chew on regarding the Bible

From the 39 books of the Old Testament to the 27 books of the New Testament I have some things for you to think about.

Let me first tell you I’m much more familiar with the writers of the New Testament than the Old. So that’s where I’ll base most of my argument. Not to mention it is the set of books most Christians should be well aware of and perhaps even having read them.

My first point is that much of the New Testament was written from three decades to centuries after the alleged life and death of one Yeshua Ben Joseph aka Jesus Christ. If you’re familiar with the game children play called “Telephone” you know where I’m going. The message put in at the beginning of the chain gets morphed into something totally different from then end of the chain of kids. In the case of the books of the New Testament they suffered the oral fate in more than one way.

Consider that the Gutenberg printing press was still centuries away so most print was done by scribes. Not only that most stories were aural not written. So you can imagine that Jesus abilities might have been, to quote Family Guy “A tad exaggerated.”

Then of course lets bring up translation error. At a minimum we have Aramaic to Greek, then Greek to Latin, then Latin to the modern languages. If you know more than one language you’ll understand that there are concepts which just do not translate. So are we really reading the divine word of some critter called God? Doubtful.

Let us not forget the imprimatur of Saul of Tarsus (Aka St. Paul), St. Augustine and all those other fun people from the dark ages. They put their own spin on things too I’m sure. I lead with Saul because his is the most egregious. In his letters to Romans and Timothy old Saul makes it clear, he doesn’t like homosexuals, and he doesn’t hold women in high esteem.

So the above referenced mutt has his fingerprints all over the New Testament.

So now that I’ve introduced just a few reasons why the Bible in our hands is nowhere near what was originally written, do you still believe?

3 thoughts on “Some points to chew on regarding the Bible

  1. I gather you’re atheist then–(duh). You obviously don’t believe in the Bible as the “word of God”– so where does your belief in God, (if any ) come from? I’d really like to know.

    1. I don’t know why I didn’t respond to Bear earlier but I have no belief in God. I suppose you could more correctly call me a Nihilist but with strong morals based on the teachings of the Christ. I know, strange for an atheist but there were some things ascribed to Jesus that were just pretty good ways of dealing with other people.

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