Why are most RI Candidates for Governor for marriage equality?

I was reading this Mark Green piece about being on the right side of history on the Huffington Post. It’s about being on the right side of history but it touches on all the rights battles that have been fought since the mid 19th century.

Here’s what Green has to say about gay marriage:

– Gay Rights. Although all state referenda have voted down same-sex marriage, usually narrowly, can anyone seriously doubt the trend line? Since the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs have just said that don’t-ask/don’t tell hurts the military – and since a majority of Americans over 60 oppose gay marriage while a majority under 30 support it – the issue for gays is not whether but when. And when they win these rights and nothing happens to heterosexual couples, it’s not hard to predict which party will gain politically and which won’t.

It’s a combination of age and religiosity. Age is the critical component here.

Democratic candidates:
Patrick Lynch – 44 (Supports Marriage Equality)
Frank Caprio – 44 (Supports Marriage Equality)

The Independents:
Lincoln Chafee – 51 (Supports Marriage Equality)
Todd Giroux – 40 (Supports Marriage Equality)

Moderate Party:
Ken Block – 44 (Supports Marriage Equality)

John Robitaille – 62 (Does not support Marriage Equality)

Those 55 and under seem to support marriage equality while those 60 and over tend to be less supportive. Robitaille the Repug candidate is just parroting the Carcieri line and Carcieri is parroting the NOM line. It’s really amusing to watch this.

And we definitely know that those 18 to 29 overwhelmingly support full equality.

Comes down to knowing gay people. Those of us 50 and under know gay people, have people in our family that are gay (In mine we’re pretty well represented!).

So the trend is toward more acceptance. It explains why the bigots like the Massachusetts Family Institute, the National Organization for Marriage, and others like the FRC, AFA et al are so vicious about it.

It is why their hue and cry is all about the children. Because they see that 80%+ support figure and are horrified that kids might learn that it’s ok if you’re LGBT.

3 thoughts on “Why are most RI Candidates for Governor for marriage equality?

  1. I can be a cynic, but my brother outdid me one day when he said, “You know why old people die? So they can take their stupid ideas with them.”

    There is some truth in this. We love to think new insights inform our opinions, but in reality only the young and open minded can take advantage of such things. Then they move into positions of influence as the older generation moves on, and things change for the better.

    With all the problems facing our world: global warming, poverty, disease and population being just four of them, I hope the older generation gets out of the way soon!

  2. I’m a fan of Mark Green… But I have a hunch is career as a politician is over… Glad to see he’s keeping his hand in the media…

  3. Knowing us is the key to the whole battle. It is easy to negate an idea or concept you don’t agree with; it is much more difficult to negate a person, especially one you know.

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