Flooding in Providence

Thus far we’ve gotten 7.2 inches of rain and it hasn’t stopped yet. Did get a brief respite this afternoon but we’re getting more rain this evening.

The first indication that something isn’t quite right:

Atwells Ave Flooding
Atwells Ave Flooding

You can see the section of Atwells Ave, right next to the fire station, that the river is overflowing. Now keep in mind this river runs about 3+ feet below grade level almost all the times so this means there is about a 4 foot swell.

In this shot you can see the river in the left hand background.

Parking Lot
Parking Lot

Here is where Eagle St. connects to Valley St. There’s a reason they call it Valley St btw.

Eagle St
Eagle St

They’ve already declared state of emergencies in most counties in RI including Providence. They’re saying this is a flood you get once every hundred years.

And now I’m hearing this is a 500 year flood. Interesting.

Here’s the DOT map of flooding:

DOT Flood Map
DOT Flood Map

Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a walk over to the barrier and get pix there.

4 thoughts on “Flooding in Providence

  1. Yikes! I saw a news report on CBS tonight about the RI flooding and was thinking of you. Is your home safe?

  2. We do flood on occasion but this is a little worse than I’ve seen prior. As a kid I used to work in a plaza that had the Moshasuck river running right behind it. That one used to flood all the time.

    And I do wonder how the Secretary of State’s office is doing since they’re at 148 West River Road. The West river is right behind their place, the I.T. server room is on that side where the river is. It’s why when I designed the room I specified 8″ rise on the server room floor.

  3. The rivers here are looking the same. Its pretty awful all around in New England. I’m hoping people smarten up using the experiences from these events happening worldwide and realize it might be important to invest in our world’s infrastructure and prepare for worse circumstances, which we ignore right now. Whether they believe in global climate change or not, having Mother Nature bitch slap us constantly, is going to get old and cast a huge financial burden; eventually patching and plugging isn’t going to cut it for prevention and rebuilding efforts.

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