Month: March 2010

Idiocy: Nude snow sculpture of Venus de Milo Covered

This is priceless.  The Connerans should be applauded for their artistic ability with snow. Instead an anonymous complaint (Probably by someone who got their religious sensibilities offended.) caused the Connerans to cover up their sculpture.

After/Before of the Venus de Milo
After/Before of the Venus de Milo

The Conneran family needs to stand up for their rights. Were something like this to happen to me I would not only not have covered it but detailed it, and built a similar torso of say Michelangelo’s David with slightly enlarged genitalia right next to it.

It is easy to explain the type of person who would ask for something like this to be covered up. They are of the same mind as those receiving Medicare benefits when they say that they don’t want government to mess with their health care. The people that complained in this case are of the mind that if God had meant you to be naked, you would have been born that way. ObJoke: Why doesn’t the pope look down when he is showering? Because you’re not look down on the unemployed.

I’m so sick and tired of the religious trying to force their perverted sense of the world on the rest of us. From idiocy like that in this article, to people like Rep. Brien of Woonsocket, RI who is actually trying to enshrine discrimination in the RI Consitution. And while I’m discussing it, it’s not just Brien but Palumbo, Savage, Azzinaro (That one rings a joke bell doesn’t it!) and the dynamic duo in the Senate, Blais and Metts.

Their opposition obviously comes from their religious beliefs. So I ask them, let he who is without sin to cast the first stone. That’s one that crosses all religious boundaries from the Judeo-Christian to the Islamic. None of the men listed above are saintly at all. They have a false piety when it comes to the rights of the citizens of the state.

I’m even running into this on Facebook.

No, your rights come from man. God had absolutely nothing to do with it. And consider, our law is based on the British standard of law which itself is based on the notion of the court system of Kings. Sure, Kings had to keep things under tight wraps so they said they were appointed by God.

But God again had nothing to do with it. To be King you just had to kill the right people.

Then I get the question of who ‘created’ god to which I replied:

Exactly. And who created God? Man did. I find it interesting that scientists are discovering that lesions in certain parts of the brain tend to enhance religious thought, or spirituality.

So in essence, strong belief is pretty much brain damage.