A disgusting new group on Facebook

I was recently informed that a new group has been created on Facebook called “Destroy Queer Action”.

Let me be clear, I did not write the post, I am in no way affiliated with the person or persons that created the group, and I do not condone the message of the group.

Think about it for a moment. If you want go and search Facebook for the group. I would not resort to personal attack in that manner. I’ll tweak you for your lack of knowledge of a term, or perhaps bring up the fact that a group I am affiliated with actually helped you at some point.

But I would never create a group with such absolutely disgusting content and I did not create the above referenced group.

2 thoughts on “A disgusting new group on Facebook

  1. Tony,
    I’m sorry but you cannot deny this one. The group was open at one point and you were the administrator. So it is quite obvious that you made the group. I think it’d be better to admit that your anger got the best of you and that you did it. If not when people start posting the screen shots they have you are going to feel quite foolish. The comments you have made on here and facebook are disgusting. You can edit them all day but we all read the things you wrote about people. You called women cunts and dumb bitches, you made fun of someone with a disability, and tried to destroy a group on your side. You should be ashamed of yourself. I’m sure you won’t post this comment but you should since we all know that you were responsible for the group. You’ve reached a new low.

    =-=-Truthspew Says-=-=

    I only approved this comment because it illustrative of the character assassination being pushed against me. See my reply.

    And hello Heather. Didn’t think I’d be able to find out it was you?

    1. I did not create that group nor was I ever the administrator. I’d like to know how you’ve gotten your information.

      No admissions or apologies coming from me. As to screen shots, do I look like I care. I’d also mention that in your group you have a photographer capable of image manipulation. Who is to say what is really mine or really that of a devious mind?

      Regarding the terms “Cunt” and “Dumb Bitch” it’s a free country. I don’t generally apply those terms to too many people, but the ones who deserve it get the full measure of it. I see you’re posting from a Verizon FiOS account, I wonder if character assassination of harassment are covered in their AUP? I’ll have to check into that.

      As to making fun of someone with a disability, I was horrified to read that. I have the utmost sympathy for anyone with a physical disability and wouldn’t dare make issue of it.

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