Musings on the Catholic Church

This has been a post in the making for a few years now. I’ve been watching with some amusement as the Roman Catholic Church disintegrates before my eyes.

Thanks to the American Religious Indicator Study (ARIS) I found out that in 1990 a full 62% of the people in my state identified as Catholic. As of the 2008 ARIS, it’s down to 49%.

Yet you have Bishop Thomas Tobin of the Providence Diocese saying that there are anywhere from 600,000 to 660,000 Catholics in the state. Being that our population hovers at about a million people that would be 60% to 66%.

But then I found out about the process necessary to have your name struck from the church ledgers. It’s an elaborate process involving contacting officials at the church in which you were baptized. The letter is supposed to state relevant dates of baptism, confirmation, Catholic school attendance dates (In my case, 1970 to 1982), as well as your reasons for asking to be struck from the rolls.

Of course there is another method which I quite fancy. Defiling of the host. This seems to be the method I’m more comfortable with. No need to state all the reasons etc, just commit the act and you’re out.

This is why the Bish still counts up to 66% as Catholic. People don’t realize that if you want to leave you have got to do so under Canon law. But I assure the good Bishop that it’s probably not even 49% anymore. If church attendance is any indicator I make it a point to go by on of the two nearby churches on a Saturday evening and occasionally on Sunday mornings. They’re not exactly packing them in.

Anyhow this leads up to a thought that made me shudder. Think about it for a moment and you realize that in EVERY church there have probably been instances of pedophilia and pederasty. Some may have been reported, many probably haven’t been reported.

And I take issue with the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue – he dismisses the pedophilia issue and tries to substitute that the issue is homosexuality.

That’s a big fat NO there Bill. Because it’s not only the boys getting raped by priests, but young girls too. It is a big mess and if Benedict XVI steps down or suddenly becomes ill the chances of getting a replacement pope who isn’t tainted by the stain of the cover-up is slim to none.

In fact it’s worse. A story was relayed to me of a former convent in NYC that was be re-rehabilitated as housing. When they got into the basement they found dozens of tiny little skeletons and skulls.

I’ll leave to your imagination how they got there. But priests were more likely than not fucking the nuns, nuns would get pregnant, deliver the bastard then kill it and toss it in the basement.

I’ll go out on a limb here. I’ll see that the Catholic Church as it exists today is nothing but pure unadulterated evil.

2 thoughts on “Musings on the Catholic Church

  1. There’s no abuse!

    Well, there’s abuse but it’s Satan’s fault…er, the parent’s fault….the children’s fault…Teh Gays….look over there at that bright shiny thing!!!!

    I’m with you. I wouldn’t bother with all that elaborate claptrap to have my name removed from the rolls if I had been Catholic. I’d just get “frackin cracker” (as PZ Meyers calls it) and defile it. I’d probably get several just to make sure it really worked.

  2. So, if I defile the host ie cracker, while taking communion I will be permanantly removed from the church’s blogroll?

    I continue to get the “Catholic Virginian” paper, have emailed them numerous times to be removed from their subscription records, and you now say all I have to do is “spit the cracker out at the priest”?



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