Broadband in the U.S. By Lawrence Lessig

I’ve posted before about how in France they pay $40 USD (33 Euros) for 100/50 net service, phone service with a local area of 100 countries, and 300 channels of HD television.

All because in Europe and Asia they went with a regulated broadband plan in the U.S. we didn’t regulate. This is what we get: $54 a month for 25/10 net service, $34 for VoIP with 60 countries. No TV service at all.

We need to scale back the abilities of lobbyists. I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it until we get some action on it.

Modify the U.S. Constitution, specifically the 14th Amendment to exclude inanimate entities from the rights conferred by the Amendment and the Constitution.

One thought on “Broadband in the U.S. By Lawrence Lessig

  1. I second those thoughts, especially modifying the Constitution’s 14th Amendment to exclude “inanimate entities” from the rights offered by that amendment.

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