A funny one in the Apple v. Adobe war

Well, you all know I have no love for Steve Jobs and his asinine assertions about Flash on the iPhone/Touch.

Then I saw this quote on Gizmodo (The same whose editors home was invaded by police over the new iPhone prototype pictures!)

Apple Buys Adobe: Apple immediately fires everyone and burns down Adobe headquarters. Steve Jobs is found days later, pissing on the ashes.

And it’s getting better – I saw an interview with the CEO of Adobe. He’s not buying Jobs assertion and blames the crashes on OS-X. I love it.

And it gets more interesting. The Free Software Foundation has weighed in and accuses Apple of the same thing that Apple is accusing Adobe of doing.

In it they expose part of Apple’s EULA/TOS for things downloaded from the app store:

Apple’s own terms of service document covering all applications downloaded from the App Store, says (in Section 10b):

(ii) You shall be authorized to use the Products only for personal, noncommercial use.

(iii) You shall be authorized to use the Products on five Apple-authorized devices at any time, except in the case of Movie Rentals, as described below.

Off the top of my head I can think of at least two applications I’ve downloaded that fly in the face of non-commercial use. They are TouchTerm and Fring. I used them for commercial functions.

But maybe that’s why I can’t get my business email to work with their mail application. Hmm. It’s standard IMAP so I wonder what’s up! Maybe Apple has a screwball IMAP app.

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