Catholics losing adherents

This article doesn’t bode well for the church. They’re going to lose a lot more people. Between a graying population in the U.S. and a critical eye of youth, they’ve got trouble brewing.

But that last part got me. Read here:

Addition by subtraction
Not every Catholic is troubled by the church’s dwindling membership. According to some conservative priests and thinkers, the sex scandals and conflicts with the Vatican have shaken out the fair-weather believers. The conservatives want a return to the Latin Mass and an end to challenges to the Vatican’s authority. A return to tradition would likely result in “a smaller but much more fervent and evangelizing church,” says the Rev. John McCloskey, a former Wall Street executive who’s an outspoken advocate of the traditionalist movement. The shrinkage would be only temporary, he says, since as liberals left the church, it would be strengthened by the core of tradition-minded Catholics who obey the church’s ban on contraceptives and rear large families. Such families would inevitably produce more sons, some of whom would enter the priesthood. Thanks to a conservative renaissance, says McCloskey, “the church in America may well be on the cusp of a more vibrant era.”

It’s the very last part about Catholics who obey the church’s ban on contraceptive and rear large families. I wonder if McCloskey has read about the fact that the more sons born the higher likelihood of one or more being gay?

But then to read what Heretic Tom has written about gays in seminary and the priesthood, they won’t have any problems at all.

5 thoughts on “Catholics losing adherents

  1. The RCC is not going to die, but will likely be severely hobbled in the coming generations. It will be like an empty chicken egg: a vast hierarchy with substantial power and influence but lacking support from the masses of people. Little things chip away at it and sometimes large cracks form, but somehow it always manages to keep existing, albeit not in it’s former greatness.
    That’s okay. We don’t need the RCC to die. We just need them to keep the evil to themselves and stop infecting the world with hatred. This will happen when the Vatican sees that the church is left with a mere fraction of the followers it once had, and sees that it was its constant spewing of hatred that doomed it.

  2. I’ve heard recently from a devout RC that there is ‘talk’ of a North American split from Rome. Have you or anyone else heard this? If it is to survive at all, I feel drastic changes are needed.

    1. I’ve heard rumblings about a schism wherein the American Catholic church splits from the Roman church.

      Then of course I see the rise of the Old Catholic order too, one that embraces gay people among other things.

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