Another grab bag post

Mid spring seems to be the dead time for me. Not a lot of business (Though I did do a 40 minute job today explaining the failings of POP3 to client.) and the weather is getting better but not fast enough for my tastes.

I see that Pope Benny the Rat is at it again with regard to gay marriage. Explain to me how a guy who has NEVER been in a relationship at all has the divine authority to tell me mine is disordered or invalid?

I was talking to my father last night and we got on the topic of the Catholic church. He was telling me the story of the pastor at his church. Seems the priest is a typical egotistical ass and he wanted an elementary school built for the parish, then a middle school.

My father is active with the church and had repeatedly brought up the question of who would pay for the schools.

My father told me he gets letter after letter from the pastor asking for money to sponsor students at the school etc. This is funny to me because over the last few years I’ve seen a number of Catholic elementary schools closing in RI. My old school, Msgr. Bove aka St. Ann’s closed last year. And now Holy Ghost down the street from me is closing.

Tuition for those schools is astronomical. If you’re a parish member it’s close to $5K per year, if not $6,500. I’ll take the higher number because if you’re a church member you’ll be expected to tithe a certain amount and that would probable come out to the same.

So for eight years it’d be $52,000 and that assumes the costs won’t rise over time. My Catholic high school, La Salle Academy is $11,900 a year now. So four years of that and your total 12 year primary and secondary is $99,600. Just for reference my entire 12 years cost roughly $14,000 and my B.Sc $24,000 so $38,000 total.

The church says it is because of health care costs. And I agree, that is a hellish expense. But you’d think maybe the church would be the best mouthpiece for true reform in health care.

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