Use A Rentboy, get exposed as a hypocrite.

Seems Dr. George Rekers is still in the shit. The latest is when Lucien (Aka Jo-Vanni Roman) talks to him on the phone.

Rekers is trying to deflect this as much as he can. He must be very tired because he could just step out and tell the truth, that he has homosexual inclinations. But this is where cognitive dissonance come to the forefront. Rekers can’t reconcile his homosexual urges with his religious beliefs.

As a result he’ll try to spin this is as well as he can but we all know that the emperor has no clothes.

For all the decades of anti-gay invective from Rekers I say it’s good that the son of a bitch got outed for his activities. It amazes me how many of those truly against GLBT are GLBT themselves. Step the hell out of the closet and throw that religion to the wind.

One thought on “Use A Rentboy, get exposed as a hypocrite.

  1. Dan Savage had a great suggestion related to this guy. He suggests that the phrase “whatever floats your boat” be replaced with “whatever lifts your luggage!”

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