A good day marred by homphobic idiocy

Early this morning I had to return the car I’d rented in order to attend the wedding of our friends Gina and Troy. While there I ran into a former co-worker and chatted with her for awhile. She was renting a car because hers had a bad CV joint that had gone from the clicking phase to the clunking phase. So she figured it was safer just to rent a reliable vehicle.

Later in the afternoon Keyron and I decided it would be a good day for a serious walk. Serious walks are defined as being 4 miles or greater in distance on hills, flat land, etc.

First we walked up to the east side, to a little place named Prospect Park. The park has some spectacular views of Downtown/Downcity Providence.

Financial Skyline
Financial Skyline

We walked into Pawtucket, RI to our friend Chico’s house and while there had dinner, dessert and watched a couple of gay oriented movies. One about the crackdown on LGBT folks in other country, the other about the Miss Gay American pageant.

Other entertainment was provided by Coco the parrot. He’s a beautiful bird and he takes a shining to Keyron and is gradually warming up to me. One thing for sure though, if you’ve never seen a parrot get mad, you definitely have to see it at some point in your life. They’re like petulant children when they don’t get their way.

We left Chico’s place around 11PM and walked home, going first down North Main St. and then merging onto Benefit St.

Got some nice night shots. Key to night shots is a stable platform from which to shoot from, and the camera placed in night mode. Night mode keeps the shutter open for a couple of seconds to let every bit of light hit the CCD.

I really like this one. It’s the lit up spire of the First Baptist Church in America. Yes, the very FIRST one. What I like is how the night mode makes it glow.

First Baptist Church Spire at night
First Baptist Church Spire at night

But it was as we walked from North Main to Benefit that we saw a blue Chevy Camaro of about 1980’s vintage. As it approached one of the passengers leaned out the window and screamed ‘Faggots!” at the top of his lungs.

Car kept on moving. Had they stopped we probably would have beat the silly little boy senseless. But then the thought occurred to me, the most vociferous homophobes are usually the ones with the most to hide, E.g. they’re gay themselves.

But to soothe the rage bubbling inside you, here’s the Bajnotti fountain at night. Very brightly lit.

Bajnotti Fountain at night
Bajnotti Fountain at night

I love this fountain. It is a memorial to the wife of a prominent diplomat. Very touching that he built and dedicated this to her memory.

3 thoughts on “A good day marred by homphobic idiocy

  1. I’m really sorry that your perfect day was marred by this incident; I know you’re not dwelling on it, which is right. But it’s an unfortunate reminder that we are not always as safe or immune to the ugly things in this world. Hold your head up high! Behr Hugs!

  2. If I know I’m going to be out after dark like that I carry my pocket knife. It has a little 3 inch blade. Don’t laugh; it’s better than nothing. I’ve never had to pull it out but I’m happy that I have it.

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