Finally! A cautionary tale about facebook

So over the years my father and I have had a number of arguments. Mostly over religion or human rights.

Recently he friended me on Facebook but took great offense when I posted links to articles that made the Catholic church look bad.

First he said:


His mob past kicking in again.

We traded barbs back and forth. Thing is I never had a hell of a lot in common with my father.

I should also mention I’m not one to follow the Hallmark holidays like fathers day, and I’m also not too keen on the whole Christmas thing.

He then posts the following comment:

as of today,youe not my son any more .your notkhing but a fucking gay bastarde ansd your off my will.fuck yopu.

I can just see him hammering out the letters in that ‘sentence’ with rage.

So he leaves a couple of apologetic voice mails. Thing is, after what he said above he entered what Italians call the “Dead to Me” territory.

If I’ve been home when he calls I just pick up and hang up. He’s called eight times just today. It finally got to the point where I asked my aunt to pass the message that he was persona non grata to me.
So my father sends this via email:

well tony ,it looks to me that you are not going to talk to me any more ,so here it all the years you have never wished me happy birthday or happy fathers day .,nothing for x mass .now i ask you,who is the ass hole ,because you called me one .takes one to now one .you can tell sara and laura to go take a good shit and that goes for you to .as far as you ,you can kiss my ass.after all i have done for you and the girls ,you can all go of today, you are not my son.have a shity life .

I told him “BTW, have fun when you die a lonely old man.”

It’s done. If I hadn’t added him as a friend on facebook none of this would have happened. But it was something that had to come to a closure at some point and it has done so.

Members from my family have echoed similar sentiments about him. He really has no clue that most of us despise him. Well at least now all the kids that grew up in his household have now turned our backs against him.

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