More on GPS

So I have a little Tom Tom 125 that I bought a few years ago. It’s a reliable unit and I thought I kept the maps updated.

Found out that wasn’t true because I had to go on I-195 to get to a friends wedding in Assonet, MA recently and the GPS bitched loudly about the fact that I wasn’t in the left lane.

You see, I-195 off of I-95 used to be a left hand exit. But over the last decade they decided to move the interchange. I-195 is now a right hand exit. The highway no longer winds through the city but instead comes out just past the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier these days and links up with I-195 there.

Now of course you have to remember to keep LEFT if you want to continue on I-95. But otherwise it’s a good change.

Coming home the GPS unit didn’t complain. It’s because the right hand entry lanes from I-195W to I-95N didn’t really change by more than a few hundred feet.

One thought on “More on GPS

  1. I keep my Garmin GPS up to date, but it still thinks the I-195 exit is on the left and it doesn’t think the new bridge exists. So depending on which direction I’m going, my car is shown flying over a waterway and the GPS urgently tells me to turn right over the guardrail at every intersection down below.

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