Good for Gainesville!

Seems Gainesville, FL is doing a new operation with decoys in crosswalks.

And it’s a $154 fine for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Imagine that, some drivers are beside themselves about this. Too bad. Pedestrians have the right of way too.

I wish we’d do the same in Providence. I’ve seen a lot of aggressive behavior regarding crosswalks, particularly the free standing crosswalks as opposed to those with signals.

But even at those with signals you get the attitude. For example at the intersection of Atwells Ave with Eagle St. and Harris Ave, if you’re walking up on the eastbound sidewalk, good luck crossing because the right turn lane on eastbound Atwells just keeps flowing. So you have to get a little aggressive yourself. Look the driver right in the eye, that usually stops them.

I’m talking about the area in the lower left. The other side is fine and controlled by the signals. But here is something that most RI drivers probably forget. It’s right turn on red AFTER stop.

Looking at that cluster fuck of an intersection I see they could have put one of those mini-roundabouts in there. In fact they already have most of the elements in place with the islands they’ve now built up.

It would accomplish several things. It would calm the traffic down considerably. It would also accommodate pedestrians better than we do now. Not to mention they wouldn’t have to shell out all that money for signals.

A traffic light isn’t cheap. Average traffic signal now costs $57,354 to install.

One thought on “Good for Gainesville!

  1. I don’t get people who won’t yield for pedestrians. What does it take, a few seconds?

    As for roundabouts (or rotaries or traffic circles or whatever they call them), I don’t mind the single-lane ones but those multi-lane ones bug me.

    I never realized how much it cost for one traffic signal. I can understand why they charge such high fines for running red lights (some are close to $400 here).

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