It’s Gay Pride Season 2010

Ooops – the date I had for NY (6/19/10) was the startup rally. The actual is on the 27th.

So Boston is the 12th. I’ve never been to Boston Pride.

Providence is on the 19th.

I suppose it’s too much to ask that the Providence Illuminated Parade actually be illuminated. What happened to gay people, we used to know how to put together a float with nothing but some 2×4’s, some chicken wire, tissue and spray paint. Now they think loading a flatbed with skinny dancing twinks and shining a couple little 13.8V lights on them is enough. It isn’t.

What happened to wanting to be in the spotlight? Hello out there – shine it brightly!

Damn it I’m doing it again. I’m sounding like a cantankerous bastard. But come on, you have to agree, do it with a little pizazz, a little flair, a little style. Don’t make it lowest common denominator or just plain common.

3 thoughts on “It’s Gay Pride Season 2010

  1. Are you sure on that date for the NYC parade? I have it as Sunday, June 27 on my calendar. I’ll double check… yep, it’s the 27th.

    Greg and I went to NYC last year for the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. After 7 hours of watching the parade slowly go by, we were pooped so we left. Friends told us it ended up being 10.5 hours to pass by them (around 36th street). That’s ungodly. Yesterday we went to the Dayton Pride Parade. It’s was 20 minutes and 3 blocks!

  2. I’d love to be able to make these HUGE Pride events–down here in Southern OK the events are usually pretty small (and picketed by Westboro folks…)

    But TapeLenders in Dallas is a GLBT haven. Yay! :)

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