Medical: Cancer clusters in China

This is very interesting.

I’ve often said that the real reason we saw manufacturing flee from the United States had nothing to do with worker salaries but everything to do with workplace and environmental safety.

The article above sort of proves my point that the manufacturing capability of the U.S. flew east right after the 1970’s passage of the OSHA and EPA rules.

Someone even did a map of the cancer cases. It’s pretty damning evidence that the chemical discharge into water systems is causing MOST of this. One doctor in the article has practiced in the area for 43 years. Only in the last decade has he started seeing cancer cases.

It has been proven time and again that cancers are caused by mutations of the genetic material. And the genetic material can be mutated by chemical, radiation, etc.

Basically it boils down to corporate profit over peoples health.

The map is in Mandarin but it’s pretty clear what is going on.

One thought on “Medical: Cancer clusters in China

  1. Will the Chinese gov’t do anything to pass laws or enforce the ones they already got? Hell no. Will American companies stop moving manufacturing job to China? Double hell no.

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