The motivation of the bigots

I think a lot of it is that they lack the ability to think for themselves, or it could be that they think their view of the world should override that of everyone else.

But then look at what most religions have as their first tenets, E.g. I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other gods before me. You can look it all up in the first books of the Bible, the part shared in common with the Christians and Jews.

Blind Faith - Because Thinking is Hard
Blind Faith - Because Thinking is Hard

But here is an alternate view. They’re simply hiding their bias behind the Bible.

This is most evident in the current dust-up between Porno Petey LaBarbera and Joe Jervis of the bog Joe.My.God

The origin of LaBarbera’s nickname has to do with the fact that LaBarbera likes to go to some of the fairs, festivals and parades and record the scantily clad guys, some of whom might be engaged in plain vanilla sexual practice, some in more B&D practices etc.

But it you read the link I posted earlier you now understand the real issue. It isn’t just their God’s word but their own personal distaste for homosexuality. What I like to call the Ick Factor. I hate to break it to them but the parts do in fact fit together very well, and the majority of us don’t “Eat da poo-poo” in the words of the Rev. Ssempa.

So in LaBarbera’s case, it’s either Ick Factor or the fact that he’s a repressed homosexual himself. I’m leaning toward the latter. I can just picture him stroking away while editing his little video diatribes.

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