Cox needs to get it’s shit together

Over the past few month I’ve suffered outage upon outage. And I’ve noted a common thread here. When my net connection goes out so too the phones. So I usually end up going over the pay phone nearby and calling Cox to see what is going on.

On my way to the phones I pass by Vinton St. I’ve made it a habit now to look down Vinton because inevitably there are one or more Cox trucks out there with their yellow flashing lights blazing.

Sure enough today – the net connection went down but I had to go the supermarket so I thought nothing of it. By the time I’d gotten back it was up again. Just recently the connection went down again so I took the walk. You guessed it, the Cox trucks are in the SAME place they always go to.

I have an idea what the problems are since we encountered similar on VAN’s we used when I worked for the Sec of State’s office. One of their high tier guys told me what the problem was.

A few years ago Cox had an outside vendor come in and upgrade all the amplifiers on its network. But the vendor didn’t put the temperature gain control PAD’s into the amplifiers.

If you’ve ever worked with RF systems you know that oscillators and RF gear are notoriously sensitive to temperature swings. It’s the reason why amateur radio repeater cabinets in high, cold places have to use a 100W light bulb to warm the cabinet up so that the radios and separation cans work. Same is true of cell service – the transmitters are in climate controlled boxes at the base of the towers or inside climate controlled buildings.

So early this spring when service went out it was because of temperature swings. And I can tell you why it went out today. We’ve had consistent 80F and above past couple days with attendant thunder storms, etc.

So you can bet, the amplifier they’re working on doesn’t have an AUTOMATIC temperature gain control PAD in it.

They really ought to go back to the vendor who did the upgrade and force them to replace the amplifiers.

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