Providence Gay Pride 2010 Videos and pictures

For the videos just visit the playlist. I found that converting MP4 to AVI files made them look darker and that was 99% of my problems with low light videos.

So I just put the raw MP4’s up on YouTube. It’s split into parts, longest just short of 8 minutes. You can see them here.

However I will give you the Big Apple Corps.

Now I remember years ago what a dump this area was but it’s cleaned up quite nicely. It’s where Memorial Blvd runs into Dyer St. in Providence.

Memorial Blvd to Eddy St.
Memorial Blvd to Eddy St.

The Colors on the Bridge

Colors on the Bridge
Colors on the Bridge

Keyron and I at the festival.

Keyron and I
Keyron and I

Just a random shot towards the stage

Random Shot
Random Shot

Saw a few people I know, people that both Keyron and I know, and people that Keyron knows.

Really that’s what Gay Pride is all about. Seeing people you only see but once a year or so. I didn’t see Tracey this year but again, if you look at the videos you can see there were about 1,500 or so people just in that short little distance. It gets a little harder to find people.

Weather wise a perfect day. Mid 80’s daytime and into the mid 70’s at night. Reminds me of the time a group I was working with back in the late 1980’s entered the parade. We had built a float on a small trailer that was hooked up to a little pickup truck. We had also done up the truck but we left a small viewport for the driver. The poor guy driving roasted in that truck but by golly our float went through the parade!

Contrast to the last few years where it has consistently rained on the parade.

Hope you enjoy our little parade. It ran a couple minutes under an hour from start to finish.

2 thoughts on “Providence Gay Pride 2010 Videos and pictures

  1. Looks like you had a good day. Sunny , clear, and a good turn out. Love the city. I had fun the last time I was there for pride.

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