Apple iOS4 install

So first I had to update to v9.2 of the iTunes software. That part took about 40 minutes.

Then download the iOS4 software, an hour.

Installation – well over an hour now because it has to back the fucking thing up, then install the OS, then copy back all the music, apps, etc.

This had god damned well better be worth it. And one annoy-o-factor. The update process keeps switching focus to iTunes so I have to keep clicking back here to compose this post.

And while iTunes is happily playing songs from my library, you cannot control it because the god damned update process takes precedence.

Can you tell I’m getting more and more frustrated with Apple?

This had god damned well better be worth it.

2 thoughts on “Apple iOS4 install

  1. Wow… My update took less than 15, but I didn’t have to DL new iTunes software. Also, you should’ve been able to control iTunes with your keyboard or remote.

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