iOS4 Thoughts

So the update is all set.

  • Airplane Mode where it shuts off all wireless (bluetooth, WiFi and if you have the iPhone the phone module).Sort of useless really. I’ve been on a number of flights with cell accidentally turned on, or WiFi device ticking away.
  • Another feature I’m not sure I like is that WiFi remains active even in sleep mode. That will probably drain the battery like nobodies business though I haven’t tried it out as yet.
  • Double clicking the home button to get at the music player controls is nice.
  • Email integration.  Finally! You can get ALL your mail in one place.
  • Folders. Saves paging through screens but increased overall number of taps. Oh well.
  • Slicker interface. Can’t do the wallpaper on the Touch but it’s got a much smoother feel to it.

So overall it was probably worth the update particularly since they didn’t charge for this one.  And I have heard more about the Flash thing. Apparently Apple likes its applications to be exclusive to their iTunes store and not be shared across multiple vendors.

Then of course there’s the ridiculousness of Ulysses being yanked because one of the images showed a female breast. You can just see them clutching their pearls. I have to ask, what the hell is wrong with an image of a male or female body, particularly in animation and graphic arts?

Apple seems to have a low threshold for finding things offensive.

2 thoughts on “iOS4 Thoughts

  1. With aggressive provider exploitation of users’ geolocation, we’re headed for a time when providers and their partners decide which services to allow in each location.

    So, if your phone enters a runway area, military facility, or hospital, or if the device rises significantly above local mean ground level, then count on your provider, the government, or favored industries to cut off services that they don’t want you to use.

  2. That double home click is already possible. I did hear something about triple clicking the button to start something else. I’d prefer that the updating would WORK! For me, it’s not working. I hope this crazy “Restore” alternative to the updating process.

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