Abandoning Firefox

Ok, so I updated to Firefox 3.6.4. Anytime I try to go to a site that uses Flash it crashes. So enough, Google Chrome it is from now on. I’m just importing all my RSS feeds. It’s a pain in the ass as I’ve got 135 feeds and I have to manually copy/paste each into the RSS reader.

6 thoughts on “Abandoning Firefox

  1. Before you do…
    Firefox 3.6.6 just came out to fix the bugs from last week’s release (3.6.4). Upgrade to 3.6.6 before you spend time messing around with your RSS feeds.

  2. I tried to move to Google Chrome about 4 months ago but was quickly foiled by a website I need to visit regularly. The site absolutely would not load no matter what I tried, so I went back to Firefox. Also, XMarks (a centralized bookmarking plugin) would not work properly in Chrome and that pissed me off to no end.

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