The Bigot Cavalcade Complains about their Treatment in Providence

This is just too much. Your civil rights? Look, nobody ever said that by exercising your civil rights you wouldn’t have to put up or shut up. But that’s the price of civil discourse.

But far be it for me to make any sense here. Just observe what the Bigot Cavalcade says about their time in Providence this past Sunday.

I posted a nice little comment on the video. I said:

I’m glad your Bigot Cavalcade got the welcome it so richly deserved. Stay the fuck out of our state. Nobody wants you here.

I mean seriously – stay out. You are losing the battle and you know it. That’s why you spin all of it to make yourselves look like the victims.

But we’ve been the victim of your falsehoods for long enough and is it any wonder we fought back this past Sunday?

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