Uh oh, I’m damned!

Hell's Most Wanted
Hell's Most Wanted

Lets see: I’ve got at least four of em’.

1) Drunkards – Yeah I like beer, and wine!

2) Blasphemers – God Fucking Damn it!

3) Money Lovers – Come on, who doesn’t love money?

4) Homosexuals – Bing, got me.

5) Atheists – there is no god.

6) Evolutionists – Are you kidding me?

7) Fornicators – what good is life if you can’t fornicate?

8) Masturbators – Or is that Master Baiters? There is difference.

I score 8 out of 22 or 36%.

If I believed in such claptrap I’d be destined for a hell. Hell doesn’t exist btw, its just a creation to keep the faithful fearful.

6 thoughts on “Uh oh, I’m damned!

  1. Even from a Christian perspective it is inaccurate. Jesus came not for the “righteous” but the sinners.

  2. Insane list. I have all of your “vices” + porn-lover and witch. Although I know I don’t have to worry; there is no hell.

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