The Public Square/State House belongs to US!

Watch this video:

Let me tell Brian Brown and his ilk at the National Organization for Marriage (There’s that oxymoron again because if they really were FOR marriage they wouldn’t be opposed to full equality in marriage rights.) that whether or not you have a ‘permit’ you are still in a public space.

As it was I got a little bit of video from the Providence event. Not a very good crowd for NOM at all.


Wind was pretty bad up there.
I’d have let the cop arrest me because it would have been one hell of a test case.

And as it was, NOM got what they deserved here in RI. They tried turning the cops on our side but they too were told to stay on their own side and start packing up to get going.

Sometimes the Capitol Police and State Police in RI are class acts all the way.

I’m reminded of a marriage equality hearing last year where Chris Young, candidate for Mayor of Providence (And anti-equality bigot) and still crazy after all these years, was ejected by capitol police for mouthing off. I have to admit I did call him a bigot and that sent him off on a tear but each year we bet how long Young will be allowed in the room before he gets tossed. Year after year the Capitol Police seem to have less patience with him.

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