Firefox Woes Again

So I noted I had waiting mail on yahoo. Logged in and watched it hang. Though that was odd so I killed the Firefox task and restarted. Same result.

Also getting messages that software update couldn’t work, etc. This was Firefox 3.6.7

Downloaded 3.6.8 and on end of install it wants to fucking reboot the computer. Three words for the Mozilla crew: WHAT THE FUCK!

5 thoughts on “Firefox Woes Again

  1. You’re using windows, aren’t you? Linux doesn’t like to make you reboot every time you install a new program.

    You should try chrome, it’s a lot simpler and quicker than firefox, unless you use a lot of plugins, in which case it’s not an option.

    1. I do have VirtualBox and Ubuntu 10 installed. I also have Chrome installed on the Windows machine. It’s just that all my RSS feeds etc. are in Firefox as opposed to Chrome.

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