Rejoining the Cell Carrying Herds

Once again I have a job where a cell phone is required. Of course not on the company’s dime but mine. Then again I’m told that the level of on-call activity is such that 1 call during my week of rotation on would be a huge volume of calls.

I’d already decided to go with MetroPCS. Stopped in Friday afternoon. The whole process to buy the phone took about 10 to 15 minutes. Not too bad and I walked out with a fully charged and active phone.

I like their $40 to $60 plans that include unlimited voice and SMS as well as web, email, etc. I went with the $50 plan. The only real difference $5 extra gets me is the ability to connect to ANY email server.

That $60 plan is for if you’re using a Blackberry. Guess you have to pay a premium for that Crackberry huh? One thing I really like is that when they say $40 they mean $40, not like the example of Vonage where their $24.99 plan turns into $35 after all the fees, taxes and bogus charges laid on.

Didn’t sign up for international calling because most of our clients for this office are U.S. centric.

Ended up getting the LG Imprint. It’s biggest attraction was it’s price, $109 as opposed to over $200 for the Crackberry.

Interesting phone.

LG Imprint Phone
LG Imprint Phone

In the photo it’s fully extended. It’s a slider and is half the size when slid down. It’s roughly rectangular when closed. It’s .6″ thick which is a bit on the thick side and weighs a scant 3.81oz. Fits nicely in my pocket too.

For such a small phone it does have a full keyboard. It’s great for text messaging and email. Also has this little feature called Loopt. You add your friends and you can see where everyone is due to the fact that every phone out there today sends out GPS data.

The web browsing and camera on the other hand are OK to use in a pinch. The camera will be useful for those quick shots but I’ll keep the Sanyo in the pack for those times when you want a little more than 1.3MP. Also has full on Bluetooth support. Sure enough, I paired my Motorola Rockr S-9’s and they work flawlessly.

I’ll be getting one for Keyron too. In fact it’s interesting when I got a new computer I had to get one for him. I get a new phone, I have to get one for him.

They do offer a slight break for family plans and at that point I may just disconnect the Vonage line entirely. It’s becoming too expensive in my view.

And I have a Google Talk number that I can point at the cell so it’s all good.

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