Some More Thoughts on the Bigot Cavalcade

It’s now been leaked that the turnout for the Bigot Cavalcade here in Providence was pretty much brought in by the busload from places OUTSIDE the state. This seems to be a recurring theme for NOM here in RI.

And I’m pleased that Brian Brown got a dose of his own medicine in Providence. Good on Vito and his friends for getting right in Brown’s face. The video from the event was interesting what with Xtians speaking in tongues (psycho babble) and imploring their gawd to help US! The nerve! If I wanted your ‘help’ I’d ask for it.

But not to be on the bottom for too long, when the Cavalcade landed in Annapolis, Brown didn’t like that a videographer for the NOM Tour Trackers was taking video of the sparse crowd and asking Brown about his expectations for the turnout, etc.

Brown then sent one of the local cops over to harass the videographer.

Let me make it clear. Just because you have a permit doesn’t mean you have exclusive use of a PUBLIC place. Brown used the same bullshit about Providence, that they had a permit etc. and how dare we confront him on the grounds of the State House.

I have news for him, it is OUR State House and you and your group of liars aren’t welcome here.

A friend summed it up nicely. He said that what we’re seeing is the dying gasps of the religious bigots. My thing is, they just can’t die soon enough.

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