Day 3 with the LG Imprint

I really like this phone. I’m learning more and more about its capabilities.

Granted the net speed is 144 Kilobytes, not too fast but not too slow either.

I’ve setup my weather and news feeds on it. Not a lot of options for news sources but the web browser does work with the local rag.

Text messaging and email on this thing absolutely rock. That keyboard makes it so easy to tap out a message in a flash.

The sound quality on it is excellent. CDMA spread spectrum sounds REALLY GOOD!

I believe Spring carries a version of this phone. It’s called the LG Remarq and Sprint gives it away for free, and yeah you’re locked into a several year contract for that.

The Imprint on the other hand cost $109 but it’s MINE. And there is no contract. As long as I want to use the service I just keep paying and it is all good.

It’s the model for cell service that I always advocated. Granted it costs double what I think it SHOULD cost but consider the last cell I had was a T-Mobil and for the same cost per month all I got was 1,000 minutes of voice.

For the same price I get a host of features. Unlimited voice, unlimited texts, international texts, So it’s a wash.

And as for Keyron’s phone – I was gonna put him on the cheapie plan but realized Loopt wasn’t included. Still, I’m toying with dumping the Vonage line because the phone number I use most is a Google Voice number that just shunts calls to the cell now.

One thought on “Day 3 with the LG Imprint

  1. Frankly, I think 20 years from now we will wonder why we put UP with the technology we have today. It’s abysmal, and I’m sure there are things on the horizon that will make everything we do now obsolete. As a retired 30 year Bell Head, I KNOW there are things no one is telling us about, and I know we should never have to say, “can you hear me now!”


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