The truth about the anti-equality crowd

As I’m sure everyone is aware the oxymoronically named National Organization for Marriage has been touring a handful of states and presenting their Bigot Cavalcade.

The Cavalcade is performed by perennial bigots like Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher, and a host of new characters particularly Catholic bishops and priests.

In their St. Paul stop they spoke to a priest who not quite as slick as our local equivalent here in RI, brought up something interesting. He said that gay people weren’t born that way but formed.

This brought up by readings of Heretic Tom’s blog. Tom is a former Catholic priest who is now openly gay and for the most part atheist.

In it he talks a lot about his formation as a Catholic priest. I think the nearest civil equivalent is compartmentalization. The vast majority of priests are very deft at that skill. Just as how Tom reminds us that there are a plethora of gay priests out there, despite the Vatican’s best efforts to purge the ranks.

But the upshot of all this is the mindset of the bigots. I recall the phrase “Do as I say, not as I do.” That’s right. This is pretty much the hallmark of the anti-equality crowd. It can also be summed up as the thought that “I got mine, screw you and yours.” or the term “assholes”. So they don’t want to be called bigots anymore? I think Asshole works just fine.

One thought on “The truth about the anti-equality crowd

  1. He said that gay people weren’t born that way but formed.

    I firmly believe one’s sexual orientation is inherent, but what would be the big deal if we did “choose” it? People certainly aren’t born religious yet they have full protection under the Constitution for their religious lifestyles. Why should people’s sexual orientation be any different?

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