Month: July 2010

Some More Thoughts on the Bigot Cavalcade

It’s now been leaked that the turnout for the Bigot Cavalcade here in Providence was pretty much brought in by the busload from places OUTSIDE the state. This seems to be a recurring theme for NOM here in RI.

And I’m pleased that Brian Brown got a dose of his own medicine in Providence. Good on Vito and his friends for getting right in Brown’s face. The video from the event was interesting what with Xtians speaking in tongues (psycho babble) and imploring their gawd to help US! The nerve! If I wanted your ‘help’ I’d ask for it.

But not to be on the bottom for too long, when the Cavalcade landed in Annapolis, Brown didn’t like that a videographer for the NOM Tour Trackers was taking video of the sparse crowd and asking Brown about his expectations for the turnout, etc.

Brown then sent one of the local cops over to harass the videographer.

Let me make it clear. Just because you have a permit doesn’t mean you have exclusive use of a PUBLIC place. Brown used the same bullshit about Providence, that they had a permit etc. and how dare we confront him on the grounds of the State House.

I have news for him, it is OUR State House and you and your group of liars aren’t welcome here.

A friend summed it up nicely. He said that what we’re seeing is the dying gasps of the religious bigots. My thing is, they just can’t die soon enough.

The Public Square/State House belongs to US!

Watch this video:

Let me tell Brian Brown and his ilk at the National Organization for Marriage (There’s that oxymoron again because if they really were FOR marriage they wouldn’t be opposed to full equality in marriage rights.) that whether or not you have a ‘permit’ you are still in a public space.

As it was I got a little bit of video from the Providence event. Not a very good crowd for NOM at all.


Wind was pretty bad up there.
I’d have let the cop arrest me because it would have been one hell of a test case.

And as it was, NOM got what they deserved here in RI. They tried turning the cops on our side but they too were told to stay on their own side and start packing up to get going.

Sometimes the Capitol Police and State Police in RI are class acts all the way.

I’m reminded of a marriage equality hearing last year where Chris Young, candidate for Mayor of Providence (And anti-equality bigot) and still crazy after all these years, was ejected by capitol police for mouthing off. I have to admit I did call him a bigot and that sent him off on a tear but each year we bet how long Young will be allowed in the room before he gets tossed. Year after year the Capitol Police seem to have less patience with him.

Uh oh, I’m damned!

Hell's Most Wanted
Hell's Most Wanted

Lets see: I’ve got at least four of em’.

1) Drunkards – Yeah I like beer, and wine!

2) Blasphemers – God Fucking Damn it!

3) Money Lovers – Come on, who doesn’t love money?

4) Homosexuals – Bing, got me.

5) Atheists – there is no god.

6) Evolutionists – Are you kidding me?

7) Fornicators – what good is life if you can’t fornicate?

8) Masturbators – Or is that Master Baiters? There is difference.

I score 8 out of 22 or 36%.

If I believed in such claptrap I’d be destined for a hell. Hell doesn’t exist btw, its just a creation to keep the faithful fearful.

The Bigot Cavalcade Complains about their Treatment in Providence

This is just too much. Your civil rights? Look, nobody ever said that by exercising your civil rights you wouldn’t have to put up or shut up. But that’s the price of civil discourse.

But far be it for me to make any sense here. Just observe what the Bigot Cavalcade says about their time in Providence this past Sunday.

I posted a nice little comment on the video. I said:

I’m glad your Bigot Cavalcade got the welcome it so richly deserved. Stay the fuck out of our state. Nobody wants you here.

I mean seriously – stay out. You are losing the battle and you know it. That’s why you spin all of it to make yourselves look like the victims.

But we’ve been the victim of your falsehoods for long enough and is it any wonder we fought back this past Sunday?

The Bigot Cavalcade Rolls into Providence

So the bigots made it to Providence this afternoon. Thus far it’s been a wet bang for the National Organization for Marriage. They’ve maybe gotten 300 people among all the sites they’ve visited thus far. Proves my point that those in opposition to marriage equality are a vocal little minority.

Click the pictures because for some reason WP cuts off the right side.

Bigot Bus
Bigot Bus

The NOM crowd looks like about 80 to 85 people. Lots of elders there.

The Bigot Crowd
The Bigot Crowd

Just over to the right we see the ‘guard’

Van and Guard
Van and Guard

The Clown Car:

Clown Car
Clown Car

The opposition:


***UPDATE*** Apparently I got there way too early. The protesters were out in force. Sorry about that. I’ve asked someone else for permission to post photos of the pro marriage equality folks.

Here’s the photo. I found out they rallied on the north side of the state house. Mea culpa! Thanks to Joseph Siegel for the photo.

Pro Equality Protesters at NOM's July 18th Cavalcade of Bigotry
Pro Equality Protesters at NOM's July 18th Cavalcade of Bigotry

And of course Brian Brown at the National Organization for Marriage is spouting about how intolerant we are.

Bitch please, you deserve a punch in the face. Getting shouted at on the podium was nothing to cry about.

Pumpkin Face gets shouted at
Pumpkin Face gets shouted at

They’re claiming 250 people. I call bovine effluent! Look at the photos above and do a quick count. If they had 100 people they’d be stretching the truth greatly.

I’m told the pro-equality side had 175 people there. Good on you all!

NOM’s tour bus uses stock photos

In other words they aren’t actual families but a simulacrum thereof.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The most fervent supporters of the National Organization for Marriage (There’s that oxymoron again!) are over the age of 65. Not only that, in this area they’re mostly Catholic.

Time and again it’s been shown that if you look at the 18 to 29 group, they are the most supportive of full and equal rights for LGBT people. In fact the only group that shows major opposition to such full and equal rights is those 65 and older.

I guess they’re of that age when they start thinking more about their mortality and how their view of the world should predominate. I call bullshit on that. Maybe it’s because I’m a rabid atheist, or because I’m gay and think that the so called ‘laws’ preventing me from the full measure of rights are ridiculous.

But I think the reason NOM is doing their ‘National’ tour is because great strides are being made in extending the full measure of rights to LGBT and the likes of Maggie “The Loathsome” Gallagher and Brian “Pumpkin Face” Brown can’t stand that their religious dogma is being ‘violated’.

The reason I single quoted the word ‘National’ is because it really isn’t a national tour by any stretch of a reasonable definition. It’s just to those states that are either on the tip of passing marriage equality, or in states where NOM has used it’s bigoted position to repeal marriage equality (Maine anyone?)

So my message to Mags and Brian – stick it where the sun don’t shine. And to Thomas Tobin, the bishop of RI, minister to your congregation instead of coming out to repress my equal rights.

Something New

Ok, so I like Gypsy Jazz. So a friend turned me on to Gogol Bordello. It’s sort of a Gypsy Jazz combined with Punk arrangement.

And my favorite tune:

The front man is one Eugene Hütz, a Ukrainian now residing in NYC. It’s sort of fun music. I can’t explain it, I like those classic eastern European instruments like the accordion, and even the violin has some great expressions when wielded by eastern Europeans.

And it doesn’t hurt that Hütz cites Parliament-Funkadelic (P-Funk) as one of the inspirations for his music.