Month: July 2010

Yet another epiphany about facebook

So lately a cousin and I have been having the scientific “theory” argument on facebook. That was until she brought up the “Climate Change Controversy”.

Human beings have a powerful ability called denial and I think my cousin is in deep denial about the scientific process.

For example how people believe that calling something a theory means it’s still undecided. So tell me, the theory of light wave behavior, or the theory of gravity isn’t decided as yet?

For the latter, throw an object up in the air and watch it come down again. Yep, gravity is a theory!

i think the more astounding thing about all this is that I have members of my family who are quite ignorant. My last reply to my cousin was that regarding the climate change controversy if one were to look look at the employers of those ‘scientists’ who disagree with climate change theory, you’d find an awul lot were being paid by the petrochemical industry.

Actually I’ll revise my statement, it’s not ignorance. It’s intellectual laziness.

And because of it, facebook can get very interesting.

An Insight on YouTube commenters (And blog comments!)

You have to watch this video. It made me laugh a number of times.

I’ve had run-ins on YouTube and here on this blog. For now they shall remain nameless. But a couple of things have become very apparent.

1) The comment contributors tend to have a tenuous grasp of the syntactical and grammatical rules of English. E.g. run on sentences and paragraphs. It borders on a babble at time. They babble because they have no reasonable argument or counter-argument. That probably explains the lack of paragraph separation.

2) The trolls immediately resort to ad hominem attack when you put up the slightest logical defense. “Add homonym” anyone? I just ask, if you really have argument to contribute just remain silent. One of our greater Presidents, Abraham Lincoln said “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Every day I lament the day when the Internet was opened to the great unwashed masses. And I lament AOL, dearest non-existent deity I lament AOL. That’s what really tipped the balance and a pox upon Steve Case for doing it.

The net was such a fun and interesting place back in the days when your host file had 700 entries in it lest you have to remember the four octet address for every site. And it’s going to get more interesting because in IPv6 there are sixteen octets (IPv4 is 32 bits, IPv6 is 128 bits!) ,

And then there where the people you talked to online (Usenet!) who were either students, professors, researchers, or technophiles.

So you can understand my burning hatred for AOL. To the point where I have an email address that ends in

And I really want to get back. I was the FIRST registrant back in the day.