People in RI really can’t drive

Ok so I rented a car for the weekend. Got a Hyundai Sonata GLS. Not a bad vehicle. The thing is loaded with every creature comfort including power everything, a sun roof, XM radio, the works.

Anyhow driving in RI for the past two days I’ve noted a lot of stupid behavior by drivers.

During one of our trips today I went down Vinton St. to get onto Atwells Ave. There was a dump truck in front of me. We get nearly to Atwells when I see the trucks reverse lights come on.

I pop the car in reverse, nobody behind me but the truck is accelerating backwards towards the car. Even though I took the LDW insurance imagine explaining that one. I laid on the horn and the truck finally stopped.

Let me set another scene. We’re driving back from Narragansett this evening and we’re on RI-4. The highway dumps out onto I-95N but there are signs for at least five miles that point out that I-295 exit is to the left. Yet you get right on top of the exit and people try to merge over even though they were WARNED about it miles back.

Height of stupidity. That and the fact that you’re in the LEFT lane of a highway moving right along until you come up on a vehicle doing 40MPH in the LEFT lane. Talk about having to jack on the brakes!

Then coming home, I took the Dean St. exit off RI-6/10. I get to the intersection of Atwells and Dean. if you want to continue on Dean you get in the right hand lane. Dean is offset to your left but trust me, get in the right lane because the left is for turning east on Atwells, and there’s a turn-off to go west before that.

The light is red. I’m in the right lane and a car pulls up next to ours. I start going to do the jog left to continue on Dean and the guy on the left cuts me off.

I’ve come to the conclusion that RI drivers are the rudest and most oblivious on the planet. It’s been some time since I drove around in the state but I have to say it, RI drivers are the worst.

4 thoughts on “People in RI really can’t drive

  1. Perhaps that’s partly a function of police enforcement and fines, or lack thereof.

    While the I-95 truck ban in Pawtucket is strictly enforced, I have not noticed much other traffic-law enforcement — and we need better laws governing use of the left lane.

    Maybe the police are busy fighting violent crime, but that simply suggests to me that traffic fines too low to pay for adequate police coverage.

  2. P.S. The drivers on I-93 northbound into Boston are even worse than what I see on I-95 in R.I. I fear for my life every time I drive up there — serves me right for not taking the train.

  3. There are no bad drivers here in Dayton. Just a whole lot of streets left empty by the people fleeing this dead city. LOL. Naw, it’s not that bad, but close. I’m glad I don’t live on the east coast. I never hear stories about how “good” drivers are there.

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