It’s Thursday – that day between Wednesday and Friday!

So I’m watching this whole Ken Mehlman thing with interest. There ought to be a gay scarlet letter for people like him. I mean really, suppress gay rights for years and surprise, surprise he steps out of the closet NOW?

You couldn’t do this when you were a Bush crony?

In other news had my first hectic day at the new job. Got spoken to about an issue where a customer was trying to do something that wasn’t proscribed with the software being used. I seem to run into that a lot. Last time was in the late 90’s with the POS software we were selling. The client couldn’t wrap their mind around the fact that the software would not do what he wanted it to do.

I guess you have to get one of those every now and then you get one of those and you grow.

Had to add some Toto tracks to my iTunes library. It’s interesting because I had been reading the Questionable Content comic strip. It’s a group of Indie/Hippie kids (Young adults I guess) and they’re having a discussion of their favorite Toto songs. That lead to a download of “Hold the Line”, “99”, “Africa” and “Georgie Porgy”

In other news the house is completely torn up. They’re updating the heating system from something circa late 19th to early 20th century to one that’s clearly from the 21st century. They ripped out all sorts of asbestos covered piping, boilers, etc. without any protective barrier, or no protective clothing.

But it’ll be nice to be rid of that expensive steam system. A 275 gallon tank at $3 a gallon gets pricey when you’re buying one about every month to month and a half in the winter. The new system is forced hot water and natural gas. Much better. The gas bill should run about $250 a month during the winter. I can deal with that, I just can’t deal with the fracking process used to extract natural gas here in the U.S.

But the place is a complete mess. Everything had to be moved away from walls so baseboard could be put in. Allegedly it will be finished tomorrow but I’ll believe that when I see it. They haven’t even run the PEX line into our baseboards.

It’s going to be interesting to see this new system. I almost asked them to zone it. During the winter why heat the southern side so much, heat the bedrooms on the NORTHERN side. Yeah, who builds a house with the bedrooms on the NORTH side? In 1900 they built this one.

And tomorrow is TGIF. So this weekend we can put the house back together. Oh and I have to call National Grid to switch us onto a heating rate plan vs. cooking/hot water plan.

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