A return to God?????

That’s what the central tenet or theme of Glenn Beck’s little honor get together was all about.

Watch here:

Watching Beck admit he’s a moronmon is great. The cult of Moroni is replete with examples of demented thought. And of course it’s pretty easy to prove it’s all bovine effluent.

But his trying to distance himself from the things he’s said about President Obama falls on deaf ears at least in this abode.

You do realize that liberation theology also has roots in the Second Vatican Council aka Vatican II. That’s when I went through Catholic schools, and JP II became pope when I entered high school. It took him well over a decade to reverse the reforms of Vatican II.

And I think the Catholic church suffered for the evangelical mis-steps of JP II.

But beside the point, I don’t ever want to live in a society where people abdicate their responsibility to participate in society to an invisible sky fairy. It offends me on so many levels and scares me to death.

We’ve seen how this works in Iran where religious leaders regularly condemn women who’ve been raped, gays, and other disfavored minorities within the Islamic Republic.

Imagine if the Christian fundamentalists got their way here in the United States? I know they’re trying their damnedest with such ludicrous claims such as the one that the United States is a Christian nation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the founding fathers had a general disdain for organized religion. I cannot for the life of me think of one who truly embraced Christianity.

This is a a SECULAR nation. One in which you are free to practice your religion, but one in which religion shall not and will not enforce its views over the majority.

And for those that didn’t feel like reading through all of this I give you two editorial cartoons that sum up my feelings in a rather precise way:

King and Clown

Equal but divided

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