Diciotto Anni: Our 18th Anniversary

So today marks the 18th anniversary of Keyron and I. It’s hard to believe we are on the downside to the 20th. Hopefully by then we’ll do it as spouses because RI will have full marriage equality.

Kept it pretty simple. Went over and tried out The Melting Pot. It’s a fondue themed restaurant chain believe it or not.

We had the Big Night Out special. It included a cheese fondue, salads, and for the entree a combination of lobster, shrimp, tuna with wasabi, chicken, and pork tenderloin. To polish it off we had a Cookies and Cream chocolate fondue with an assortment of banana, strawberry, marshmallow, cheesecake etc.

Had a few cocktails, mostly sangria. The total bill with tip came out to $177. Really not bad for two people. And we’re both stuffed. Of course of the $177, $30 was tip, and $36 was booze. So if you don’t imbibe and are a cheap SOB, you can get out of there for around $100.

We walked home. That’s the benefits of living in a city. Everything is walking distance. But one interesting phenomenon presented itself. We got it up for money not once but twice on the way home. I actually held my tongue both times.

And we’re due to get some remnants of Hurricane Earl tomorrow. My morning commute should be fine, the evening is going to be wet and wild.

5 thoughts on “Diciotto Anni: Our 18th Anniversary

  1. Congratz Tony & Keyron!! I’m glad you enjoyed your night out.

    You got it up for money twice? That’s remarkable. No one ever pays me to get it up. Did you get pics? (LOL, I’m kidding, I know what you meant! It’s funny how a single letter can change things so much.)

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