A new find on YouTube: Mock the Dummy

So someone is using marionettes to echo the ridiculousness of the Tea Party/Baggers out there.

My favorite lines from the above:

In reference to the health care debacle “… was snorted off the belly of a hooker on a black pitch pool table!” made me laugh!

But then later there was this: “They’re going to transform America into a socialist, third world country like… France”

The reason it made me laugh is because I have one little data point about France that irritates me every time I pay the bill for my net service. For 30 euros a month they get 100mbps down/50mbps up, 300 channels of HDTV, and phone service with a 100 country LOCAL calling area.

For my crappy 30/10 net service, neflix and VoIP phone I pay nearly $110 a month. And 30 euros translates to about $40 in U.S. dollars.

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