This whole “Burn the Quran” thing…

I see this from several different angles. First Pastor Jones is an attention whore. I’ve had comment run-ins with him on YouTube.

But I say let him burn the book. While he’s at it he could burn a Bible, the Talmud, and maybe the Hadith too. If you burn the bunch you cover all the Abrahamic religions. And there ain’t nuthin’ better than a good old fashioned book burning.

But seriously it’s his first amendment right to burn the book. What really irked me is the FBI paying him a visit. This has NOTHING to do with the FBI’s jurisdiction. I’m also upset with the politicians too, they should know better.

But as an atheist I must suffer these little slings and arrows. Saw this on a bus today, apparently the graffiti and tagging has taken a step in the ‘right’ direction:

Have You Been Saved
On a bus

To which I answer, “Saved from what? Christians, Jews and Muslims who want to impose their beliefs upon me?”

2 thoughts on “This whole “Burn the Quran” thing…

  1. I’m a bibliophile and detest book burnings on general principle, but it is Jones’ right to burn the Koran or any other book he wants. This really is just an attention whoring stunt, as is the flag and Koran burning deal WBC announced for today.

    As to the Muslims, if they want people to stop seeing them as radical barbarians they might want to stop acting like it. It’s a freaking book. So what if somebody says something bad about it, or even burns it? There are gazillions of copies of it in the world and you can always print more. It’s not worth rioting over or, worse yet, killing over.

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