My memories of 9/11/2001

At the time I was working as the I.T. Director of the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General.

I recall getting a phone call that web performance was very slow. I took a peek at the proxy server and noted it was all news site requests. The phones in the I.T. unit were ringing off the hook.

I went upstairs to the Admin directors office and she had her TV on. I got there just as the 2nd aircraft had hit the other tower.

It was a day that will forever be etched in my mind. I recall we were all clustered in office with televisions because the net was just absolutely swamped.

And being that it was the states top law enforcement agency, lets just say our interest was slightly higher than most peoples.

And having been there I can tell you that there was one HELL of a cover up surrounding the events of September 11, 2001.

For example – I know the Bush administration IGNORED warnings about the events. The whole system blinked red. And they missed it.

A day or so later I was asked if we could identify all the middle eastern and Arab nationals in the state. I had to work with the folks at then INS but by that afternoon we had the names and locations of what they believed were every single one of them.

So how did the federal government drop the ball on this one? The only thing I’m left with is the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). In the introduction the PNAC document said we’d need another event similar to Pearl Harbor to get America into the middle east.

That’s right – they had a playbook.

But it’s now been 9 years and we still don’t know the real truth.

2 thoughts on “My memories of 9/11/2001

  1. Greg and I watched a documentary called “Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup”. It was full of the usual delusions and conspiracy theories we’ve been hearing about since that day, but there was a 20 minute section at the end of it that was very interesting.

    They reviewed how WTC-7 was on fire and experiencing multiple explosions BEFORE the twin towers fell. The NYFD even rescued people from the burning building BEFORE the towers fell. Yet the official report says that WTC-7’s fire and later collapse was caused by debris hitting it when the towers fell.

    Huh? How can this be? If you haven’t seen the documentary yet, check it out. You can even stream it for free if you are a Netflix subscriber.

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