Providence Mayoral Race all sewn up

So here’s the stats as of 10:38PM:

Angel TAVERAS 1,657 61.9%
John Joseph LOMBARDI 500 18.7%
Steven M. COSTANTINO 474 17.7%
Christopher YOUNG 44 1.6%

I’m surprised Lombardi is trailing so badly. But then, I’m more astounded that the perennial crank, Chris Young got 44 votes. Who are those people?

I can tell you this though. I’ll be leaving a lot of blanks on the general election form. I cannot in good conscience vote for Tavares. I know nothing about him.

Nor can I vote for Tarro for state Rep since he has a propensity to start tearing down historical properties, even if there is a court order stopping him , I cannot vote for Merisi for city council. Especially since Merisi owes back taxes on FOUR properties in the city. Four!

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