Mozilla Updates In the Wild

So today I spent a frustrating fifteen to twenty minutes going through the upgrade process for Mozilla Thunderbird (3.1.4) and Firefox (3.6.10).

The Thunderbird upgrade wasn’t too bad, except for the nasty scare when it came up and I didn’t see any of mail accounts. Killing it and restarting it solved that problem.

But Firefox was a different story. First, it completely locked up my browser when it went out to check for updates. Hmmm. Finally I killed Firefox and restarted it. Same issues, slow, etc. and the update process kept failing.

I know why. Their download server is having issues. I manually downloaded the 3.6.10 install package. On my first attempt 1.9mb had downloaded and thought it finished. Second try netter 3mb. Fourth try get the entire 8.6mb package.

Started the install process and then was presented with a message akin to “We have to reboot your computer!” What? I know why, they updated the Java platform and that requires a system reboot.

Performance is still a memory pig at 86MB. But it appears to be working a bit smoother.

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