Tech: A week of reboots

Started with Windows updates. I can accept that since Windows updates generally mess with system files so a reboot is required.

However I wasn’t expecting Firefox 3.6.10 to ask for a reboot but then I remember, Mozilla changed its java engine so that means it reaches deep into the system and required a reboot.

Then there is iTunes. I’ve been putting off the iTunes upgrade but said what the hell and let it update this evening. Now it warned me if I didn’t quite iTunes it would require a reboot. So I went into the task manager and killed iTunes, iTuneshelper, and QuickTime. But at the end I still had to reboot.

Anyhow I noted there was an upgrade for my iPod Touch, v4.1. Looking at the release notes I saw the cryptic “Enhanced Bluetooth support”. Thought to myself “Nah, it couldn’t be….”. and went and answered in the affirmative to upgrade the Touch.

Once I’d done so I pulled out my MotoRokr S9’s and linked them up and much to my surprise, ALL the controls now work including track advance, and track reverse. Thanks for finally un-crippling your Bluetooth support Apple!

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