Hey NOM – We’re coming for you next

The gory details of NOM’s dog and pony show otherwise known as Vota Tus Valores (Easy one, Vote Your Values) are now emerging all over the web. More infuriating is the Vota Fiorina at the bottom. Just for her destruction of HP I say Fiorina should be put in the dustbin of history.

First there is the great coverage at the Prop 8 Trial Tracker. And that of course led me to this great site, NOM Exposed. The latter is a partnership of the Human Rights Campaign and the Courage Campaign the latter of whome sponsors the Prop 8 Trial Tracker.

NOM’s new bus tour is drawing smaller crowds this time around. I guess hate just doesn’t sell like it did when they had their east coast tour.

It’s a losing battle that they’re fighting. Eventually the issue will wind up in the United State Supreme Court and by then I’m optimistic you’ll have enough justices who will see the constitutional issues and rule that bans on gay marriage are unconstitutional.

3 thoughts on “Hey NOM – We’re coming for you next

  1. NOM supporters at their core are deeply afraid — afraid of LGBT people, and afraid of a world that is leaving them behind. Let’s make this a world where LGBT people are respected as human beings and NOM is recognized for the freak show it truly is.

  2. Their current tour is a cynical ploy to pander to Latino voters. They don’t actually give a damn about Latino people, but are merely using them to further their anti-gay agenda. Thankfully most of the Latino people in CA realize this. They aren’t going to be fooled by some Spanish music blasting from a bus and some idiots stopping at Mexican restaurants so they can pretend to be hip with the help. Their trip to East San Jose was a complete flop–the locals ran them out and revoked Alfonso’s “barrio pass”. ROFL.

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