Erasing the Middle Class

Great article on the demolition of the middle class.

One point to glean is more people in poverty. This means that crime will rise. If you’ve read this blog, or the book Freakonomics or even Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point” you understand that there is without a doubt going to be a rise in property crimes if this continues unabated.

The article does touch on the fact that both the Democratic and Republican parties have both been tainted by corruption and they won’t lend a hand to help us.

If only you didn’t have corporate interests funding the racist inspired Tea Bag/Party crowd you might be able to garner enough power to get people into congress that will do things that will stop the ebb of the middle class. But I don’t know if we have a leader on tap that would be able to unify the masses still middle class and even those in poverty to overcome the dominance of the moneyed class.

This means folks who support home grown jobs in manufacturing. Lets bring it back to the United States. I don’t mind spending say $3 for a $1.25 bowl if I know it’s made right here in the U.S. and that extra $1.75 is in the pockets of manufacturing employees.

Call me socialist but I think it’s time we punish businesses that export manufacturing overseas. But first we need to find the stones to modify the 14th amendment so it EXCLUDES corporations from thinking they have the same rights as you and I. They don’t. Their entire existence is predicated on an erroneous interpretation of the amendment.

We we to be able to do that, the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United would be moot. It would also mean the likes of the National Organization for Marriage couldn’t try to hide behind the shield of anonymity offered by their interpretation of the law on political action committees.

And most of all, tax the rich. Tax them until they bleed if the need be. I mean seriously, how can they sit there and do nothing when the middle class, which is their bread and fucking butter, gets systematically destroyed?

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