Month: September 2010

Am I a pro-gay bigot?

1. Do you believe in free speech about homosexuality for everyone except conservatives or Christians?

Free speech for ALL!

2. Do you participate in name-calling of those who object to homosexuality — names like bigot, hate-monger, etc.?

Yes because I understand the religious motivations of those in the NOM crowd. Maggie “The Loathsome” Gallagher, Brian “Pumpkin Face” Brown, Christopher “The Whore” Plante…

3. Do you believe ‘gays’ have been deprived of the right to marry? Doesn’t pretty much everyone have the right to marry now — to a person of the opposite sex?

Yes we have been deprived a right. And not everyone has the right to marry because I do not want to marry someone of the opposite sex.

4. Do you believe those who object to homosexuality are motivated by fear or ignorance? Do you believe they could never be motivated by compassion for the people involved, and if they say so, they must be lying?

It is ignorance coupled with hatred. And they will never have compassion, particularly if they are Mormon or Catholic and especially when it comes to equal rights for all.

5. Do you believe some people will just inevitably be homosexual, and that there’s a set percentage of the population that will always be ‘gay’, and that this won’t increase, even if a culture embraces ‘gay’ sex? Do you think homosexual experimentation could never become ‘chic’ and popular? Is there no risk for the people involved or our culture if this happens?

I don’t believe it’s a set percentage, but a range dependent upon several factors. For example, the Kinsey study set the range of gay people at from 5% to 7%. Of course the other factoic from Kinsey is the rate of bisexuality which range starts at 30%.

But I think if society in general were more accepting of LGBT people yes you’d see a slight uptick in the range.

And I don’t know where the anti-equality bigots have been but being gay is popular and oh so chic in some areas of the country.

6. Do you automatically dismiss any conservative comments about homosexuality without listening? Do you believe you are well-informed, while refusing to learn about what homosexuals actually do and the risks involved?

No, I only dismiss them after thoroughly debunking them. I am very well informed both on the issues surrounding being gay and the bible. Being that I am homosexual I know what we do and what the risks are.

7. Do you believe that the tragedy of any suicide by someone involved in homosexuality is the fault of conservatives? Is the best solution to these tragedies to demand that everyone in America accept homosexuality?

It has some basis in conservative attitudes. But let me explain, you’re not conservatives you are religious bigots. Big difference. And yes, the solution is that homosexuality just become a normal part of the spectrum of human sexuality without judgment by Christians and Mormons.

8. Do you automatically dismiss the idea that anyone could be a former homosexual, despite the hundreds of groups started by ex-‘gays’ and the thousands who live in America?

Hell yes! I know a few people who tried to overcome their homosexuality and in the end not only were they still gay but seriously fucked up by the ex-gay therapy.

I also see some self delusion in a lot of those who proclaim to be ex-gay. Besides, sexuality is an immutable characteristic. As my grandfather used to say, a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

9. Do you believe that homosexuals are born that way? Do you refuse to consider the evidence against this claim? Have you ever looked at the connection between child sexual abuse and later homosexual attraction?

I have a fair idea that yes in fact, we are. Growing up I never remember finding girls/women sexually attractive. And then look at the growing research of families with more than one male child. There seems to be a maternal hormone link. Imagine! It must have some evolutionary advantage though, maybe more males meant more food for the tribe.

10. Do you believe that only churches that accept homosexuality have interpreted the Bible in the ‘correct’ way? Do you feel it isn’t necessary to read the relevant Bible passages yourself, all of which are straightforward in condemning homosexual acts? Do you believe it’s impossible to be “kind” and oppose homosexuality?

Consider that the “Bible” you speak of has gone through several revisions and translations. Also consider that many of the stories in the Bible were passed on via word of mouth. I’m sure you all know the kids game of “Telephone”. A line of kids forms up and on one end a statement is passed from child to child until it reaches the end. At the end the message is quite a bit different from the beginning.

Also take into consideration that those kids are all speaking the same language. If you really want to garble a message throw a few bilinguals and non-English speakers in there.

To answer your question yes I have read the ENTIRE Bible, not just selected passages taken completely out of context. What I found is that much of the Bible is incoherent and in many places directly contradictory of other books and passages in the Bible.

So your translations and views of the Bible could be wildly out of touch with the actual message. Imagine!

11. Are you quick to say “Judge not, lest you be judged” ( Matthew 7:1) and similar passages, without understanding the Christian theology behind it, and all the while being very judgmental yourself?

Sometimes, especially when someone is hurling biblical quotation at me. That seems to happen a lot.

12. Do you sincerely believe Jesus would have accepted homosexual sex acts? Do you believe Jesus is cool with whatever anyone wants to do? Do you believe there’s such a thing as ‘sin’ and if so, how is it defined? Are you the one who defines sin for yourself? Do you have no need of a savior and if not, wasn’t Christ’s death and resurrection pretty pointless? Despite all these contradictory and self-constructed beliefs, do you consider yourself a “Christian”?

Yes in fact I do since Jesus mostly hung out with the downtrodden of society. He would be pretty much cool with it, yes.

There is no such thing as sin and it seems to me the definition of sin is left to the religious bigots.

I have no need of a savior and if indeed Christ existed his death was pointless. And let me dispel all discussion, I’m not a Christian but I AM an atheist. One who went through 12 years of Catholic schools, who read the Bible, Quran, and the Atheist Manifesto.

13. Do you believe sweeping stereotypes, like that all ‘gay’ people are innocent victims or that all conservatives must be mean and stupid?

We are innocent victims. And not ALL conservatives are mean and stupid but the vast majority tend to be hateful and ignorant.

14. Do you close your ears and figure it’s a conservative plot if you hear that at least 2/3 of all the HIV transmission in the United States still involves males having anal sex with each other?

My former accounting instructor, Joe Palmer always used to say that numbers don’t lie but figures do! I’d like to see citation for this ‘statistic’.

15. Do you believe anyone who objects to homosexuality is automatically “hateful,” while you seethe with hate yourself?

I’m not so much seething with hatred as wishing you’d all shut the fuck up and let me have true equality.

16. Do you believe it’s okay for thirteen- year- olds to learn at school that they have the right to have homosexual sex with each other? Do you close your ears when concerned parents are outraged? Would you call such parents “ignorant” and accuse them of “censorship”?

Not so much that they have the right but to learn what I learned at a young age in a Catholic school. I learned how to protect myself be I gay or straight. Yep.

As for those ‘concerned’ parents, cherry picking will get you nowhere. They aren’t necessarily ignorant but very misinformed.

17. Do you believe that, after several thousand years where most cultures have prohibited homosexuality, only now the ‘real’ truth is emerging? Do you believe this is not an arrogant, narrow or immature position?

Several thousand? If that’s the entire time marriage has existed then they’re off by about 80,000 years or so. It’s narrow for sure, but based in religious dogma and not reason and logic.

18. Do you believe that ‘gays’ are the target of widespread violence that goes unpunished in the United States? Do you understand that hate crimes stats don’t support this claim and that laws already exist to punish all crimes, no matter why they are committed? Would you be unconcerned about overall civil liberties if trumped -up charges of so-called “hate speech” were used to silence people?

Yes I do. And hate crimes statistics do in fact support it. As I mentioned early, you can lie convincingly with statistics. As for silencing people, well, if it does I’m all for it!

19. Do you believe that conservatives are making a big deal out of a behavior that has no harmful effects on individuals, families, communities, or societies? Do you scoff at any claims that serious public health issues are involved, like sexually transmitted diseases or risks to children?

Yes in fact I do. For example, all the studies thus far done on same sex parenting say the same thing. The children are well adjusted, more so than comparative straight couples.

And the second part of that question is disgusting. In essence you’re saying that “If gays adopt, they’ll be having sex with the child.” Not true. Or do you believe STD’s are transmitted via a toilet seat?

20. And–very big question: Is your need for other people’s approval greater than your appreciation of truth? Do you refuse to consider an unpopular viewpoint because it might make you appear unenlightened to some people? If your mind and heart changed about this issue, would you have the courage to be a rebel for a worthy cause, to speak up and inform family, friends–and fellow humans who are involved in homosexuality?

I really don’t need anyone’s approval and I do value truth, real truth not religiously motivated truths.

I’ve already considered the position of the anti-equality bigots and found it wanting. So if that makes me unenlightened so be it. And there is no way in hell I’ll even try to inform family and friends about the bigoted side.

Something that escaped my knowledge about labor in RI

It was an event called the Saylesville Massacre. I suppose I should fill you in. Saylesville is a village in Lincoln, RI. RI is famous for villages and neighborhoods. E.g. Providence is split among downcity (downtown), Federal Hill, Mount Pleasant, etc. Anyhow Saylesville was a textiles center of RI at one point with numerous textile mills in the area.

Apparently in the year 1934 striking workers were gunned down by the Rhode Island National Guard. This is something I never knew about.

I am one who wants to see STRONG worker protections here in the United States. By strong I mean federal law that favors the employee as opposed to the employer. I mean strong union protections. I mean not letting business export manufacturing capabilities to places where it’s less expensive because of few environmental and worker protections.

Diciotto Anni: Our 18th Anniversary

So today marks the 18th anniversary of Keyron and I. It’s hard to believe we are on the downside to the 20th. Hopefully by then we’ll do it as spouses because RI will have full marriage equality.

Kept it pretty simple. Went over and tried out The Melting Pot. It’s a fondue themed restaurant chain believe it or not.

We had the Big Night Out special. It included a cheese fondue, salads, and for the entree a combination of lobster, shrimp, tuna with wasabi, chicken, and pork tenderloin. To polish it off we had a Cookies and Cream chocolate fondue with an assortment of banana, strawberry, marshmallow, cheesecake etc.

Had a few cocktails, mostly sangria. The total bill with tip came out to $177. Really not bad for two people. And we’re both stuffed. Of course of the $177, $30 was tip, and $36 was booze. So if you don’t imbibe and are a cheap SOB, you can get out of there for around $100.

We walked home. That’s the benefits of living in a city. Everything is walking distance. But one interesting phenomenon presented itself. We got it up for money not once but twice on the way home. I actually held my tongue both times.

And we’re due to get some remnants of Hurricane Earl tomorrow. My morning commute should be fine, the evening is going to be wet and wild.