Role Models

This meme started with a video posted by Depfox on youtube.

It got me to thinking about the role models in my life.

My maternal grandparents for giving me the safe place to just be myself.

My maternal great grandfather (grandmother’s father) who nourished the inner geek in me by teaching me about electricity and soldering when I was very young. Should be a surprise that my great grandfather was an engineer, actually had a patent for designing a small device that let you change the yarn out on a Jacquard loom on the fly.

And one of my uncles was an engineer at EG&G SealAll and worked on the seals for the Apollo moon program.

My paternal grandparent both nourished the geek too, getting me subscriptions to technical publications, science publications and supplying me with enough food so I’d never go hungry. As a kid I hated going there but as I got into my teens I learned to appreciate it more. And this leads partly to my activism later in life.

My mother who taught me that people had names. And that sometimes they had ‘other’ names that weren’t polite to say in public but none the less could be blog fodder later in life. Hence my nicknaming of the bigots. But I also think I get my disbelief and incredulity over religion from her. My mother was, in the words of that generation a hot ticket. A shame she died so young.

From my father I got the not so good things like the temper. I had a hot temper as a young man. Luckily that has subsided much due to the influence of Keyron. And I do look a bit like my father and sound like him too. Oh well, can’t have everything even though Keyron says my mom was my saving grace.

Other role models are politicians and activists like Martin Luther King Jr., Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harvey Milk, Sherry Wolf, Dan Choi, and the guys at Depfox. They latter five are out there on a regular basis fighting for full equality. And that gives me great inspiration to never rest until we are all equal!

One thought on “Role Models

  1. Our Fierce Advocate is going to be in your fine city tomorrow. Are you going to give him a gentle reminder that we’d like some civil rights too? I don’t think any of his events tomorrow will be public, unfortunately.

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